Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14

How To Solve or Fix Yahoo Mail Error 14 ?

Yahoo Mail Error 14 generally occurs when the users try to access the Yahoo Mail inbox. When this error code 14 occurs on the Windows screen of your system with a message “We’re sorry, but Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error 14 or Technical Glitch Error 14. Just follow these simple steps to Fix Yahoo mail Error 14

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 14 :

  • Sign out from your Yahoo Mail account
  • Shut down your operating system
  • Configure the settings of Yahoo mail account with your current browser
  • Clear the entire caches and cookies on your browser
  • Restart your browser after closing it
  • Log into your mail account with valid password and username
  • Send a test email to check this error
  • Perform a complete virus scan on your PC
  • Update your operating system, browser, and the settings of Yahoo Mail account

Hope These Steps help you to resolve your issues regarding fix Yahoo Mail Error 14.

Yahoo Temporary Error 14 : Another Possible Solution

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It’s possible to create a new account using the previously held email address but it’s not something you can do quickly.  The instructions below will help you do this.

1.    The first thing you would need to do is to close the account you want to use to send/receive emails.

2.    Yahoo will need to delete your account and recycle the email address for reuse before you can create a new account using the previously held email address.

3.    Yahoo doesn’t guarantee it will recycle the email addresses of every closed or deactivated account.  Yahoo hasn’t said how long the process of going from a closed account to being able to create a new account using a previously used email address will take.  I wouldn’t try creating a new account until it’s been 12 months since you closed that account.

4.      Be aware you will probably have to try this many times before succeeding.  I would wait three months between each attempt.

5.      There’s really no way of know when the account will be available.    The majority of the people I’ve seen commenting on successfully doing this said they waited three years.  The longest wait time I’ve seen was 10 years.  Your wait time could be less or more.

6.    If they do recycle your email address and you are able to create a new account using the previously held email address this account will be able to send/receive emails using the previously held email address.