Complete Protection For Yahoo Mail Account With Two Step Authentication

By | July 26, 2016

Yahoo mail account is one of the best and most dynamic platforms which bring essential services for each and every user. Users across the globe keeps on receiving so many new updates in their yahoo, whether it is in yahoo mail or in the interface itself, there are so many new things which each and every user faces all together. And there also comes times, when your yahoo is under the risk of being attacked by any sort of unwanted threat, internally as well as externally too. Although we all know that hackers have become smart, for them hacking any of your yahoo email account is very easier. So one require Yahoo Mail Account with 2-step authentication services for essential services, a second layer protects your Yahoo! Mail account from suspicious log-in attempts whenever needed. If you are not still getting direct help then just make a call to Yahoo Customer Service experts for resolving the same.

How Secure Is Your Email at Yahoo!?

Yes, at yahoo your email account is 100% safe and secure just like your password. Whenever someone tries to open your yahoo account, or attempts to login in your yahoo account, yahoo looks at the location and computer whence the attempt is made.

If one looks suspicious (say, a device you’ve never used before), Yahoo! Mail can require more than merely the password, that is the requirement of two step verification For Yahoo Mail. Then, a second step is necessary to complete for logging in, either entering a code sent to your mobile phone or answering security questions. You can also turn off the latter and require mobile phone verification.

The twp step authentication is very necessary, in order to protect your yahoo mail account whenever needed.

Protect Your Yahoo! Mail Account with Two-Step Authentication significantly

To add a second layer of authentication for suspicious log-in attempts to your Yahoo! Mail account:

  1. Place the mouse cursor over your name or icon in the top Yahoo! Mail navigation bars.
  2. Select Account Info from the menu that appears.
  3. If prompted:
    1. Type your Yahoo! Mail password under Password.
    2. Click on Sign In.
  4. Follow the Set up your second sign-in verification link under Sign-In and Security.
  5. Make sure Check this box to turn on the second sign-in verification is checked under additional Protect Your Account support.

If you are having a mobile phone number associated with your account then takes these steps –

  1. Click Use Current Phone to use it for two-step authentication or click Use New Phone to use a different phone number.
  2. If you have not yet set up a mobile phone number or chose Use New Phone:
  3. Enter your phone number under Second Sign-In Verification Setup: Add Mobile Phone.
  4. Now Click Receive SMS.
  5. Type the verification code received at the number under Enter code
  6. Click on Verify Code.
  7. Choose Use only my mobile phone number for verification. Under Your second sign-in verification is turned on.
  8. Important – two-step authentication will not apply to Yahoo! Mail accessed via POP and, on mobile devices, IMAP; for these, you can create application-specific passwords.

Add a mobile number which is not recognized on the two-step verification Form to Your Yahoo! Mail Account

Set up a new mobile phone number for recovering access to Yahoo! Mail:

  • Click your name in the top Yahoo! Mail navigation bar.
  • Select Account Info from the menu that is displayed
  • Follow the Update password-reset info link under Sign-In and Security.
  • Now click Add another under Mobile Numbers.
  • Enter your mobile phone number.
  • Click the country code to pick a different one.
  • Click Save.

These are important steps which make work efficient enough so that users can access yahoo easily and most conveniently. Basically, one can take these following essential steps in order to access yahoo mail account frequently with your one and only two step authentication.

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