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What Steps will help you recover hacked Yahoo Mail Account?

By | August 23, 2018

The one billion hacked Yahoo’s account issue is definitely the old news, but the affected users account condition and their accessibility is very difficult till date. One or the other user often comes up with certain queries or issues which trouble users. Among several queries, users do face problem with Yahoo hacked account.

Users are also facilitated with Yahoo customer support number for help. The engineers completely eliminate all problems considerably through different ways with which users are comfortable. The techies and engineers completely take care of all problems without much concern.

What should you do if you have been hacked?
• At first just change your password
• After this just update your security questions and answers, and choose answers that aren’t easy to find online
• Now ask yourself if you should use the same password or security questions on other accounts
• Delete old accounts on random websites that you don’t use anymore
• So your info can’t be stolen from there instead

How do you change your password?
• At first go to the Yahoo account information page
• Go on a mobile device
• Now tap the menu icon
• Then select the Account Security section
• Click on the Change Password option
• Enter a new password
• Re-enter it to confirm the password
• Click continue and then when a conformation window appears
• Click on continue again to finish

How do you delete your account?
• At the first open your internet browser and put “” into the address bar
• After this sign into your account as normal
• Check your Yahoo ID is the correct information
• Read the information there detailing the consequences of deleting the account
• If you wish to continue you should input your password again and after this fill in a verification code
• Click on the button labeled “Terminating this Account” underneath the word “yes”
• You will then see a page titled “Yahoo Account Terminated”
• You will now not be able to enter this account and it will be permanently delete in three months time

Users can dial Yahoo customer care number for receiving fastest recovery for all issues in Yahoo mail when it is hacked. You can feel free to connect with us for help anytime needed.